VATN LCD Character

VATN Display(Vertical Align Twisted Nematic) is a type of LCD technology in which liquid crystals are naturally aligned vertically with glass substrates. When no voltage is applied to the panel, the liquid crystals remain perpendicular to the substrate thus creating a black display; when voltage is applied, the liquid crystals are tilted and this allows the light to pass through and create a display of gray scale depending on the amount of inclination generated by the electric field.


  • Super high contrast ratio (up to 500:1)
  • High backlight brightness
  • Wide viewing angle: around 170(H) 110(V)
  • Operating temperature range of -40C to 80C
  • Response time of less than 70ms
  • Really black backlight (unlike TN blue background)
  • Negative mode only
  • Available Back light W-G-Y-R-B
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