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AMOLED Next Vision Display

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

 Italian version  English version

   AMOLED Next Vision Display

   High Resolution, 16.7M Colors, SPI/MIPI Interface

AMOLED stands for Active Matrix OLED. It is a hybrid display technology that pairs the active matrix backplane from a traditional TFT display with an OLED display. Beyond the known OLED features (lightweight, flexible and thinner, ultra high brightness with high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, high energy efficiency, no need of backlight, self emitting), the active matrix gives AMOLED faster pixel switching response times than traditional OLED displays do, which are prone to ghosting when displaying fast moving animations.


  • Size: 1.30''
  • Resolution: 240xRGBx240
  • Module dimension: 25.68(H)×29.84(V)×1.17(T)
  • Active area: 23.28(H) x 23.28(V)mm
  • Interface: Dual SPI
  • Driver IC: W040
  • Touch panel: Capacitive touch panel 


  • Size: 1.63''
  • Resolution: 320xRGBx320
  • Module dimension: 32.08(H) × 36.48(V) × 0.70(T)mm
  • Active area: 29.28(H) x 29.28(V)mm
  • Interface: MIPI DSI
  • Driver IC: Raydiun RM69032
  • Touch panel: No / Capacitive touch panel 


  • Size: 4.97''
  • Resolution: 720xRGBx1280
  • Module dimension: 65.92(H) × 118.64(V) × 1.00(T)mm
  • Active area: 61.92(H) x 110.08(V)mm
  • Interface: MIPI DSI
  • Driver IC:  PI69052
  • Touch panel: Capacitive touch panel



  • Size: 5.5''
  • Resolution: 1080xRGBx1920
  • Module dimension: 74.64(H) x 140.74(V) x 2.20(T)mm
  • Active area: 68.29(H) x 121.42(V)mm
  • Interface: MIPI 4 lanes
  • Driver IC: RM67191
  • Touch panel: Capacitive touch panel

MIPI IC master bridge for a simplified MIPI interfacing

If there is no MIPI interface on the existing MCU, Next Vision recommends to take Solomon IC SSD2828 to change the interface to use. The SSD2828 IC is an MIPI master bridge chip that connects an application processor with traditional parallel LCD interface, and an LCD driver with MIPI slave interface.  The 2828 supports up to 1Gbps per lane speed with maximum 4 lanes using both parallel RGB interface and serial SPI interface. Please click here for more info about IC SSD2828