FC News Nr.67, Mar18

Monday, March 19, 2018

TFT Display for Outdoor Applications



Transflective TFT

Transflective TFT's combine the features of both reflective and transmissive displays. This means that in very bright environments the displays maintain good visibility by exploiting the external light, while in low light conditions the transmissive component ensures visibility using the backlight. These LCDs are particularly suitable for automotive and outdoor applications.

TFT 3.0'' 240x400


  • Aspect: Portrait
  • Module Dimension: 47.28x76.40mm
  • Active Area: 38.88x64.80mm
  • Interface: RGB +3-wire SPI/CPU
  • IC: HX8352B
  • LCD Type: Transflective TFT
  • View Direction: 6 o'clock
  • Gray scale inversion: 12 o'clock
  • NV240400F300#M000
  • NVRTP300#M000 (Resistive touch panel)



Transmissive TFT - Bar Type, High Brightness

To better meet the needs of landscape formats required in the outdoor applications, FIRST Components has introduced a new series of Transmissive LCD Bar TFT from 3.9'' to 12.3'' + High brightness. All versions offer resistive touch panel option (RTP) and capacitive touch panel option (CTP).


TFT 3.9'' 480x128


TFT 5.2'' 480x128



TFT 12.3'' 1920x720



  • Aspect: Landscape
  • Module Dimension: 1920.00x720.00mm
  • Active Area: 292.32x109.62mm
  • Interface: LVDS
  • LCD Type: Transmissive TFT
  • View Direction: Wide view angle (IPS)
  • Brightness: 800cd 
  • Wide temperature: -30°~+85°
  • WF123-1920720AL#0SPW3-FC (GG CTP)
  • RTP option on request