Clever System TFT (All-in-One): reduce I/O Port RS232 or SPI-4 Line to driver TFT directy...

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Clever System TFT

FIRST Components M Series TFT Displays which we called "Clever SystemTFT Display" is an easy access system for users to begin exploring the colorful display on their applications. The M Series Modules has 2 user interfaces including RS232 and SPI interfaces; it supports backlight brightness adjust, PMW signal output and 4 switches button sensor. Winstar Display has already designed a TFT editing program for end users to design their software more easily.


  • All in One System: Micro controller is behind the TFT panel and it can drive TFT, backlight and touch panel directly.  Therefore, the users don’t need to develop the entire hardware and firmware. 
  • Backlight brightness adjustment; Buffer SRAM, Graphic file Flash, Picture download to module system.
  • Convenient to Upgrade: the software can be upgraded on line, therefore the customers don't need to upgrade via burning machine.
  • Less Coding Process: there is a UI program which can demo what users want.
  • Reduce I/O Port: The customers can use RS232 or SPI-4 Line to driver TFT direct
  • Winstar designs an optional development board which accelerate the project for test function (P/N is WWTFT-10#)



Short Development time

Customers can connect TFT Clever System Module with the PC by RS232, therefore the customer can code and design the content in UI. In this regard, there is 5 content design modes: Test (font and background conversion), Graphic (image in QVGA resolution), Pixel (definition and color modification), Geometric (drawing line and square) and Clean (block cleaning).

There is also a Evaluation Toll (EVAL BOARD / CABLE MINI USB / WST PC SW) for a simple and quick compilation of content and RAM upload of the Display's module. 


Clever System Kit