Rectangular COG + PCB

Monochrome Graphic LCDs in COG (Chip on Glass) Constraction; They iclude TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN technologies with polarizer...
Monochrome Graphic LCDs include TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN technologies with polarizer in positive mode or negative mode options. COG (Chip on Glass) constraction type + PCB board with screw holes for an easy fixing on customers’ applications. Possibility to choose between different connector pitch sizes: 2.54mm (default), 1.0mm or 0.5mm. Graphic LCD modules include different options of polarizer in reflective, transmissive or transflective types. LED backlights are available in various colors including yellow/green, white, blue, red, amber and RGB. Main features:
  • Different types of viewing angle
  • Easy to drive
  • Low price
  • Parallel / SPI / I2C interface
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