Industrial Monitor

Industrial Monitors are Plug and Play Displays with an open assembly structure with an integrated control board. Different mounting solutions can be provided, such as Open Frame Mount, IP65 Panel Mount, Rack Mount, Chassis Mount, Rear Mount, Wall Mount, VESA Mount etc. With the options of High Brightness Sunlight Readability, Wide Viewing and more, we utilize class A+ or A Grade LCD panels, Touch Panel and industrial grade LCD Board, we ensure our products build to run 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a long time life work and stable performance. Please search your product thru the following categories. Should you not find your suitable solution, contact us soon for a monitor with customised multi-touch panel, gloves sensitive, water resistant touch and more, along with your tailor made frame, cover glass chemically strengthened, printed, optical bonded etc.

Open Frame Monitor series support rear or VESA mount with integrated bracket design for easy installation ideal for different embedded applications. We offer a durable, long lifecycle Open Frame high quality Monitors well suited for commercial and industrial applications. On the basis of brightness requirements we provide Open Frame Monitors suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as ATM, Kiosk, Advertising, POS, Education, Medical, Media Players. 

Open Frame Mount Solution is the mounting method that mounts products on customized front bezel. Open frame mounting might be done from rear or front sides. Acnodes offers open frame Panel PCs and display monitors, they are specially designed units with bezel-less display which allows customers to design front bezel according to their application requirements.

Installation Steps as below:

1. Put open frame mount product in the cut out from the front or rear side of the customer’s fixture.

2. Fasten with screw from the front or the rear of customer’s fixture.

Noted: The length of screws depends on the thickness of customer’s fixture

Wall Mount is the mounting solution on walls which help to save a lot of space on the floor. space.

Installation Steps as below:

1. Mount the wall mounting bracket to the back cover of the unit            2. Mount the unit to the wall. 

Below please find the available products. For more information about other Monitors (different sizes/resolutions/...) please contact

We can develop customised Monitors with multi-touch panel, gloves sensitive, water resistant and more, along with your tailor made frame, cover glass chemically strengthened, printed, optical bonded etc… For a Cost evaluation of your Custom LCD Monitor compile the ‘Custom LCD Monitor Form’ with your requests and send an e-mail to . We’ll contact you soon with our feedback.

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