Winstar Display Co. Ltd has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality products for the Industrial LCD Displays including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, VATN-LCD, TFT LCD and OLED display modules. Winstar has become the No. 1 of the leading industrial display manufacturer in the field of small & medium sized displays and its continuous innovating allowed it to secure several global patents. With more than 21 years experience, Winstar became remarkably proficient in complicated order handling, especially on LVHM (Low-Volume/High-Mix) operation business model. Winstar Display Co. Ltd provides products and services with excellent cost performance ratio as well as the good logistics support to deliver products and services competitively...

System Integration, Integrated Display

Winstar offers an extensive portfolio of System Integrated Solutions to meet customers' unique applications and requirements. Our System Integrated Solution service provides custom design solution and in depth support through our integrated core services which are based on the following technologies:

 Communication interface design

 Custom TFT/OLED/STN/7 Segment LCD Display

 GUI Programming

 Multi-language Font

 Inputs for User Interface (Custom Touchscreen, Membrane/Tact Switches...)

 Output interface (GPIO contact point, Custom Display rendering of UI)

 Driver boards

 PCB Custom shape and size

 Mounting options and methods

 Full embedded display solutions


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