Capacitive Touch Panel Treatments: Antibacterial Coating, Thick Glove Sensivity, Water Resistance

Thursday, October 1, 2020




    Antibacterical Coating


    Displays with touch panels are a part of everyday life and are often being share-used in public places. It raises the risk of infection significantly. Thanks to the use of nanosilver technology, the amount of bacteria on the surface of the panel is reduced by 99.9%. This is why antibacterial nano coating is a must-have technology for all places where touch screen devices are being shared, medical environments especially. To prevent the situation, FIRST COmponents / Evervision Open Frame Monitor with antibacterial coating is designed to effectively reduce the risk of infection.  







    Thick Glove

    Gloves are insulator. When we touch with gloves, it won't work on touchscreen. Sensor-based equipment cannot track the position unless you take off your gloves. EVERVISION also found a solution to solve this problem. R&D team has made a great advanced to let in operate even with gloves on.

    Thick Glove technology can be further used in medical equipment. It allow the touchscreen (touch panel) be operated even when the operator is using a medical gel on the surface of the screen, or when the operator wearing gloves.

    Evervision's Improve Projected Capacitive (IPCT) Touch Screen can be effectively applied to devices that may be exposed to humid, rain, or water, such as ATMs, portable GPS, outdoor devices and etc.

    It can be operated with nearly all types of gloves. Like several layers of medical gel gloves, rubber gloves, thick thermal gloves, and etc. Therefore, the Evervision's IPCT technology can be used in any industry.





    Water Resistant IPCT  


    Water Resistant Touch screen (Touch panel) controller cannot handle water appropriately, because water is conductor like finger.

    Sensor-based equipment cannot track the position when there is a layer of water between finger and panel. That’s why the touch function is not going to work. EVERVISION’s Improve Projected Capacitive (IPCT) Touch Screen has a significant improve on program by our R&D team.

    We find a way to against it. Our capacitive sensor can prevent the interference caused by mist, droplet, and flow.

    If you want water resistant function and thick glove function touch screen performance, nothing is better than Evervision's IPCT touch screen.




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