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FIRST Components announces its global distribution agreement with Reyax Technology leading edge player in modules for wireless and IOT applications. Established in 2008, REYAX Technology Co., Ltd is a total solutions provider of high-quality modules, engineering designs and supply chain services to electronics manufacturers. Our products contain the MQTT IoT Cloud Platform/Bluetooth/Wi-fi/GPS/Lora/NB-IoT modules that can be applied in different fields of industrial electronics...
Innolux announced EOL TFT module LCT0007R0HA0H25BD100 (LW700AT6005) / LCT0007R0AA0IC6CG100 (LW700AT9309) using on WF70H family
RAIO decided to discontinues the controller RA6963-N version and will prepare substitutes RA6963-N1 version from now. This substitutes RA6963-N1 is compatible with T6963C, Winstar tested result is electric characteristic and displayed contrast are compatible.
Innolux will stop the production of 10.1” 1280x800 panel EE101IA-01D due to the IC HX8826/HX8288/HX8695 End Of Life
SHANGHAI, China – FIRST Components & Next Vision Display have signed of a New Distribution Agreement for Europe
Focaltech had recently declared EOL plan for CTP IC FT5426 & FT5626, and the majority of Winstar TFTs with CTP is influenced by this change
General TFT Price Increase and EOL Notification (EOL) for Panels and Microcontrollers...
The Start screen of Smart Display GUI Builder / The design page of Smart Display GUI Builder / Customization by Smart Display GUI Builder / Simulation by Smart Display GUI Builder / HW device update...
Communication protocol for Embedded Systems: reduction of development costs and acceleration of time-to-market. It is an interface for integrated systems commonly used in automotive (passenger vehicles), industrial automation and various other complex applications.
TN (Twisted Nematic) - HTN (High Twisted Nematic) - ITN (Improved Twisted Nematic) - VA (Vertical Alignment) - Full Viewing Angle VA - STN (Super Twisted Nematic) - FSTN (Film Super Twisted Nematic) - FFSTN (Double Film Super Twisted Nematic) - DSTN (Dual-scan Super Twisted Nematic) - ASTN (Advanced Super Twisted Nematic) - DASTN (Double Advanced Super Twisted Nematic)...