Fast and easy connection with smartphones and all sorts of Bluetooth devices...
Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology standard to allow electronic devices can exchange data over a short distance and build up a personal area network. By using short-baud high-frequency radio waves to communicate over the ISM frequency band, Bluetooth-enabled devices can automatically detect/connect to each other and automatically break if the devices move too far apart. REYAX specializes in supporting Bluetooth firmware customized services. By integrating Bluetooth Firmware and UART interface, customers can easily control the module through AT command.
- General Purpose Bluetooth® Module
REYAX's general-purpose Bluetooth module is mostly used in applications such as mobile phone connection, data transmission and remote monitoring/control. It can work in an inactive internet connection environment and be used to exchange signals/data between portable devices or to connect electronic devices within a short range.

- Long-Range Bluetooth® Module
REYAX's long-range Bluetooth module features high power and surperior sensitivity. Supporting special long-range mode, the module can reach up to 300-500m transmission distance and be widely used in long-range transmission applications such as smart lighting controls and car monitoring.

- Bluetooth® Dual-Mode Module
REYAX's Bluetooth dual-mode module supports both Bluetooth 2.0 BR/EDR and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This module takes advantage of low power consumption to connect/control different devices and  Bluetooth Classic for high data rate applications.
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