Capacitive TS with USB Interface

Capacitive TS with USB Interface

Capacitive Touch Screen (GG) with USB Interface (I2C option) ILI2511 IC

Winstar launches a new series of USB Projected Capacitive Touch Screens for TFT-LCD modules. These Touch Screens support Mouse and Multi-Touch functions (up to 10-finger touch depends on TFT model). USB Interface with ILI2511 IC makes them easy plug-and-play accessories (I2C Interface option). The CTP cover lens will have a black screen printed board on all four sides of the module for easy mechanical assembly on customer chassis. CTP supplied separately or already assembled to the TFT module in Tape Bonding Technology or in Optical Bonding Technology.


Available sizes USB Interface (I2C option): 

The above USB Projected Capacitive Touch Screens are compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and Mac Operating Systems: