Optical Airless bonding: the solution for eliminates reflection from the surface of the TFT...

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Optical Airless bonding


Optical Airless bonding is the solution for eliminates reflection from the surface allowing more transmitted light and greatly improving contrast ratio. Possibility to use on TFT from 3.5" to 7".


  • Greater optical transparency, better contrast, more brightness and therefore excellent visibility of the display;
  • Shock resistance, stress release and parallax decrease;
  • Durable against heat & UV and flexible due to its softness;
  • Smoother Capacitive Touch-panel operation;
  • Reworkable: has flexible workability, compared to other materials;
  • Customization: possiblity to designing GEL shape and size.



1. Apply in between Touch Panel and LCD, or Protective Panel (PMMA, Glass, etc.):

Improvement in visibility (prevention of reflection of sunshine), in luminance (about 9%) and in shock absorption (prevention of LCD / Touch Panel shattering). Its removability enables to rework on the panels

2. Apply in between LCD light source and Light Guide Panel:

Improvement in luminance (about 15%)

3. Apply as Optional parts:

Condensing and/or diffusing of light possible