Smart Displays, CAN Communication

Smart Displays, CAN Communication



Smart Displays, CAN Communication

Smart Display TFT CAN series, defined as a Slave device, is controlled by the Master device through the CAN bus command to view the content on the display and transmit the Touch events data on the screen.

These Smart Displays allow the customer to easily develop the Graphic Interface Templates using Winstar software that operates in an IDE environment and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

During the compilation phase of the graphic UI, the module can interface to a PC via USB2CAN converter or to Raspberry Pi (PiCAN2), as HOST platforms.

The Standard Templates loaded by default are available for 3 application sectors: industrial, automotive and medical:

Industrial Automotive Medical
Where custom Templates are required, by sending content in PNG / JPG format, our Engineers can provide the necessary development support.

Introduction to the 'Smart Display GUI Builder'

Operating in an integrated development environment (IDE), Winstar has developed a compatible Windows SW for the design of the Graphic Interface of the Smart Display modules, which communicate in CAN Bus protocol with a Slave (PC or Raspberry) offering the following advantages:

 Preview function of Drag-and-drop Widgets
Winstar GUI Builder software is designed to pre-simulate Graphical User Interface Templates using the preview function of the drag-and-drop widget: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)! You can create your projects in complete autonomy.

► Simulator Function
Possibility to preview and simulate the visualization functions and effects through the simulation function even before purchasing the hardware (CAN TFT module). Contact us to get the Winstar GUI Builder (App) software.

 Creation / Editing of Graphic User Interface Templates
You can edit design / data in your Template on your own using the standard Smart Display GUI Builder. If you need customized Templates, you can send your content in PNG / JPG format to our technicians who will support you in the development.

 Data compression Function
While updating the graphic data, the program will automatically compress the image, greatly reducing the update time (it can reduce the time up to 10 ~ 15 times).

►Support of various Sizes
Currently, the Winstar 'Smart Display GUI Builder' software supports Smart Displays TFT in the 3.9 '', 5 '' and 7 '' sizes of which you can find the details at the following links:


For easy learning we also have the following EvalKITs:

 Eval Kit x 3.9" CAN TFT
 Eval Kit x 5" CAN TFT
 Eval Kit x 7" CAN TFT

► For further information see also: SMART DISPLAY GUI BUILDER PAGE LINK