Standard & Smart Full Color PMOLED

Standard & Smart Full Color PMOLED
  •          Standard Full Color PMOLED Sizes 0.60''~1.69''
  •          Smart Full Color PMOLED Sizes 0.96''~1.70''

Standard Full Color PMOLED Sizes 0.60'' ~ 1.69''

Full Color OLED Glass Displays are designed to provide an array of color options in different sizes from 0.66'' to 1.69". The smallest OLED offers 65k colors and the largest OLED offers 262k colors. These displays have a high contrast rate from 2,000:1 to 10,000:1.

OLED displays don't have backlight and have fast response time, wide viewing angles and withstand harsh environments due to their extreme temperature ranges. These displays are ideal for smaller consumer wearables, handheld devices, small devices, and hard drives...

  • P/N UG-6464TDDBG01 0.60'' 64x64 Interface SPI IC SSD1357Z 
  • P/N UG-9664HDDAG01 0.95'' 96x64 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SSD1331Z 
  • P/N UG-9696TDDCG02 1.10'' 96x64 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SEPS114A 
  • P/N UG-2896GDEAF11 1.27'' 128x96 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SSD1351 
  • P/N UG-6028GDEAF01 1.45'' 160x128 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SEPS525 
  • P/N UG-2828GDEDF11 1.50'' 128x128 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SSD1351
  • P/N UG-6028GDEBF02 1.69'' 160x128 Interface 6800,8080,SPI IC SEPS525 


Smart Full Color PMOLED Sizes 0.96'' ~ 1.70''

Smart Full Color PMOLEDs are compact and cost effective display modules that use the latest state of the art Passive Matrix OLED technology with an embedded GOLDELOX graphics processor that delivers 'stand-alone' functionality to any project.

Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features are built inside the GOLDELOX chip. The modules are designed to work out of the box and you are now ready to write your code in 4DGL saving weeks of development time. The modules offer modest but comprehensive I/O features that can interface to serial, analogue, digital, buttons, joystick, sound generation and Dallas 1-wire devices...

  • P/N uOLED-96-G2 0.96'' 96x64 Workshop4 IDE. Designer, ViSi and Serial
  • P/N uOLED-128-G2 1.50'' 128x128 Workshop4 IDE. Designer, ViSi and Serial
  • P/N uOLED-160-G2 1.70'' 160x128 Workshop4 IDE. Designer, ViSi and Serial