Square TFT 4'' 480x480, MIPI, IPS, HB 1000cd/m², -30/80°C, TP option

Square TFT 4'' 480x480, MIPI, IPS, HB 1000cd/m²,  -30/80°C, TP option


Square TFT 4'' 480x480, MIPI Interface, Wide View Angle (IPS), 1000cd/m², O.T. -30/80°C, Option Resistive/Capacitive Touch Panel


From concept to production, we offer a total Visual Solution Approach, meeting the industry's ever changing demand in all applications wearable, medical, vending, industrial, automotive, consumer, etc... Below please find the newly introduced Square TFT 4 '' 480x480 MIPI and the overview of our on-line Visual Catalogue:

4'' MIPI Panel



4'' MIPI Panel +

Resistive Touch 4wire


4'' MIPI Panel +

Capacitive Touch I2C

4'' TFT Panel without Touch Panel, Wide View Angle (IPS),1000nits, Operating Temperature -30/80°C >  

4'' TFT Panel with Resistive Touch Panel 4wire, Wide View Angle (IPS), 700nits, Op. Temperature -30/80°C >

  4'' TFT Panel with Capacitive Touch Panel (GG I2C), Wide View Angle (IPS), 800nits, Op. Temperature -30/80°C  >

If interested in other products please check on our on-line catalogue the Display you need! You will find datasheets, prices, availability of more than 2000 different P/Ns.

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