FC support for Medical Appliances

FC support for Medical Appliances
  •  TFT in compliance with high ESD certification for Ventilator
  • Character / Graphic OLED for Thermometer
  • Character / Graphic STN-FSTN LCD for Blood Warmer


COVID-19 has impacted the economy, workers and business worldwide. People are experiencing social distancing and some countries are lockdown to prevent the virus spread therefore Online Business and delivery services are getting more important than ever.  Apart from these, what else can we do to get through this difficult period? How can we help you with our skills and competencies?

FIRST Components can contribute providing displays for Medical Appliances such ear/ forehead thermometers or ventilators throught a wide range of standard items in different technologies (TFT/ OLED/ STN LCD...).
Below are some popular items for reference, for more detailed information please contact us...


TFT in compliance with high ESD certification for Ventilator

TFT of different sizes/versions that can fulfill medical appliance parameters. ESD certification >±6KV Contact / >±10KV Air, Wide view angle, Anti-glare surface...

Character / Graphic OLED for Thermometer

Character / Graphic OLEDs available in various sizes and configurations. Special features: unlimited viewing angle, low thickness, self-emitting, high brightness, low power consumption...

Character / Graphic STN-FSTN LCD for Blood Warmer

Character / Graphic Monochrome LCDs in STN, FSTN, FFSTN technology. Positive or negative mode polarizer, COG (Chip on Glass) / COB (Chip on Board) construction type, Parallel / SPI / I2C interface options, competitive price...