OLED COG+PCB SPI & I2C Interface

OLED COG+PCB SPI & I2C Interface

New PMOLED COG + PCB with SPI & I2C Interface

MCU 8051, PIC, AVR, Arduino, ARM and Raspberry Pi


Winstar has released new micro & small COG OLEDs + PCB with SPI/ I2C interfaces. These OLEDs are easily controlled by MCU such as 8051, PIC, AVR, Arduino, ARM and Raspberry Pi. They can be used in any embedded systems, industrial devices, smart home applications, portable devices, health devices, meter devices, etc. The dimensions of the PCBs are very close to the related OLED panel sizes which makes them easy to design on customers' applications. Sizes from 0.49'' to 2.23'', resolutions from 48x64 to 256x64 pixels available. 

 Products List: 


  • Resolution: 128x32
  • A.A.: 55.02x13.10mm
  • Interface: Parall/SPI/I2C
  • WEP12832W#A00-FC

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