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Since 2003 we serve our Clients around the world providing innovative edge technology components and modules, along with integrated Visual and Wireless system solutions. Application Specific Semiconductors, Interconnect and Sensors complete our product and service offering. Our Knowledge Center and Product News will guide you from learning about the technologies. Should you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to call us! Our People knowledge, enthusiasm and experience is polarized around one common philosophy - Customer FIRST® that we pursue in our daily working life.

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Product News
Smart Displays, CAN Communication Smart Displays, CAN Communication

Smart Displays that allow the customer to easily develop the Graphic Interface Templates using Winstar software that operates in an IDE environment and is compatible with the Windows operating system....

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Portrait Mode COG TFT LCD from 0.96 inch to 3.2 inch Portrait Mode COG TFT LCD from 0.96 inch to 3.2 inch

Standard TFT color displays are available in various sizes from 0.96" to 3.2", various resolutions and more than one interface...

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Circular OLED Touch Encoder Knob 1.18'' 128x128 pixels Circular OLED Touch Encoder Knob 1.18'' 128x128 pixels

Circular PMOLED 1.18'' 128x128 pixels Ø30mm. It supports SPI and I2C interface. Capacitive touch I2C interface with control knob for touch encoder. ...

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Knowledge Center
The Start screen of Smart Display GUI Builder / The design page of Smart Display GUI Builder / Customization by Smart Display GUI Builder / Simulation by Smart Display GUI Builder / HW device update...
Communication protocol for Embedded Systems: reduction of development costs and acceleration of time-to-market. It is an interface for integrated systems commonly used in automotive (passenger vehicles), industrial automation and various other complex applications.
TN (Twisted Nematic) - HTN (High Twisted Nematic) - ITN (Improved Twisted Nematic) - VA (Vertical Alignment) - Full Viewing Angle VA - STN (Super Twisted Nematic) - FSTN (Film Super Twisted Nematic) - FFSTN (Double Film Super Twisted Nematic) - DSTN (Dual-scan Super Twisted Nematic) - ASTN (Advanced Super Twisted Nematic) - DASTN (Double Advanced Super Twisted Nematic)...
The lead time for most IC is extended from the past 2 to 3 months to at least 4 months or over 4 months in worse case. The price increase for Wafer has been last for the past year, and the 8-inch wafer sub-contractor has increased the price by 20% to 30% since August, and they may raise again the price in the fourth quarter of 2020. Please contact your sales window to place forecast/orders in advance...
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FIRST Components works with trusted and specialized Partners to offer the best advice and solutions suited to the requirements of its Customers. Competence and innovation allow us to offer value added products in different applications such as automotive, industrial, medical, wearable, instrumentation...