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Since 2003 we serve our Clients around the world providing innovative edge technology components and modules, along with integrated Visual and Wireless system solutions. Application Specific Semiconductors, Interconnect and Sensors complete our product and service offering. Our Knowledge Center and Product News will guide you from learning about the technologies. Should you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to call us!  Our People knowledge, enthusiasm and experience is polarized around one common philosophy - Customer FIRST® that we pursue in our daily working life. 

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Product News
WVA TFT - IPS Technology- WVA TFT - IPS Technology-

IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT LCD modules from 0.96” to 12.3'' and more. Super wide viewing angle ( >80°/ 80°/ 80°/ 80°) / Better aperture ratio / brightness / color reproducibility...

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HDMI/Raspberry TFT Upgrade HDMI/Raspberry TFT Upgrade

HDMI TFT display families are designed to work with Raspberry (Pi1~3 and Pi3B+ version), Embedded systems and as computer displays with any device which has HDMI outputs...

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OLED & TFT: FC’s "Hot New Comers!" OLED & TFT: FC’s "Hot New Comers!"

Transparent graphic OLED 1.51'' & Icons OLED 4.1'' // TFT 4.3'' Full View Angle IPS + 1000nits + Super Wide OT -30°C~+80°C // Never been easier to search Hard to Find & EOL Displays...

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Knowledge Center
VGG324801-A is a 3.5 inches IPS wide viewing angle TFT module with 320RGBx480 resolution. It’s a portrait mode LCD module, suitable for small industrial equipment, Safety control systems, and portable devices and various applications that require wide viewing angle.
4D Systems gen4 Series Integrated Display Modules are designed specifically for ease of integration and use, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality. The gen4 Series includes a variety of sizes from small 2.4" modules up to 7.0" modules. Touch options include non-touch, non-touch with Cover Lens Bezel (CLB), Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch with Cover Lens Bezel...
Winstar TFT Q Series is a TFT module Family which is including 3.5 inches, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 5.7 inch, 7.0 inch, 8.0 inch and 10.2 inch TFT modules. The modules of Winstar TFT Q Series which are all have integrated a 36-pinout connector on the SSD1963 controller board. The Q Series modules are derivative products from the Winstar existing standard TFT modules which uniform the pin assignment into 36 pins on board.
Kyulux and Wisechip unveiled a flexible PMOLED display that uses Kyulux’s Hyperfluoresence yellow emitter. Wisechip says that the power consumption of this display is almost half of Wisechip's regular fluorescent yellow PMOLED. The first flexible HF PMOLED is a 1.71″ 256x64 display, that is now ready to be produced (Wisechip says this will enter mass production before the end of 2018). Wisechip originally aimed to introduce its first glass-based HF yellow emitter PMOLED by the end of 2017...
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