HDMI/Raspberry TFT Upgrade

HDMI/Raspberry TFT Upgrade

HDMI/Raspberry TFT - LCD Series Upgrade

FIRST Components/ Winstar releases an updated version of HDMI/Raspberry TFT family. These HDMI TFT display families are designed to work as computer displays with any device (desktops/ laptops) which has HDMI outputs, or with Raspberry Pi/ Embedded systems. The updated versions are now suitable for Raspberry Pi 1~3 version as well as Raspberry Pi3B+ version.


Welcome to check ONLINE for the specification including panel sizes (5'', 5.2'' bar, 7'',10.1''...), resolutions, touch panel options (resistive/ capacitive), brightness, viewing angle as well as others added features. For further information or any requests about products that you cannot find on our website, please contact us at marketing@first-components.com