T5L DGUSII - Round

DWIN Round SMART TFT modules are the perfect choice for home appliances and analog gauge replacements.
DWIN round smart UART screens include COF UART LCD modules, rotary encoders LCD Screens and COB Structure UART LCD Modules which are widely used in the home appliance industry.DWIN round Smart solutions offer several advantagges:
  • The DGUS development platform supports circular UI design, eliminating the need to address pixel aliasing issues around the circular edge when uploading circular UI pictures.
  • DWIN is equipped with an automatic laser cover glass cutting production line that can efficiently cut all types of rund cover plates, making it easy to match round touch screens and ensuring price competitivness.
  • The COF structure smart screen is produced by DWIN's automatic LCD module production line, which has fewer turnover processes and high production efficiency, making it well-suited for large-scale application requirements.
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