Intelligent Displays

Soluzioni altamente integrate che offrono in un unico pacchetto: LCM (display) + Scheda di controllo e firmware + Ambiente di Sviluppo Integrato (IDE).

Gli IDE (Ambienti di sviluppo Integrati) sono software potenti ma al contempo semplici da utilizzare che permettono di sviluppare da zero l’interfaccia grafica a seconda delle proprie esigenze.

What you see is what you get – Ciò che vedi è ciò che ottieni: Non è necessario scrivere nemmeno una riga di codice, progetta l’interfaccia grafica in maniera semplice e intuitiva e simula il risultato direttamente sul PC riducendo drasticamente i tempi di sviluppo e il time to market.

Offriamo diversi ambienti di sviluppo con funzionalità complementari in grado di soddisfare le esigenze per ogni applicazione:

Winstar’s GUI builder allows you to design the UI without writing a line of code. Design UI on your own...
Winstar’s GUI builder allows you to design the UI without writing a line of code. Design multi-page UI on your own simply by dragging Objects.
Some of its main features are:
  • Drag and drop items to design HMI
  • Landscape & Portrait mode
  • Up to 10 pages and 64 objects per page
  • Editable object images
  • Adjustable Gauge
  • Customizable text (fonts, size, color)
  • Splash screen with GIF support
  • Simulate directly without HW device needed
  • Designed for CAN Bus and RS-485 interface support
  • Vehicle / Medical / Industrial application pre-loaded templates
IOT’s ADE is a Powerful and yet easy-to-learn development tool able to design HMI...
IOT’s ADE is a Powerful and yet easy-to-learn development tool able to design HMI with fascinating visual effects thanks to built-in comprehensive widget libraries. ADE is the only tool you’ll need from design to deployment.
  • Drag and drop items to design HMI
  • Fully adjustable Gauge widget
  • Advanced Data Chart functionality (Graph, Area, Column, Point)
  • Able to play animation up to 30fps
  • All widgets and texts are editable (size/color/image)
  • Video tutorial support for every function and widget
  • Possibility to write your own communication protocol by Python
  • Simulate directly without HW device needed
  • Designed for UART interface support
Complete and ever-improving LCD solution for Intelligent Displays that makes GUI development simple, cost-effective...
Complete and ever-improving LCD display solution for Intelligent Displays that makes GUI development simple, cost-effective, and fast. Import images, draw, drag & drop objects, and never waste time again developing GUIs using UnicView AD’s intuitive interface. It includes every tool necessary for the design of attractive and modern human-machine interfaces.
  • UART Interface
  • High-quality and reliable hardware
  • Intuitive and frequently updated software
  • Simple and easy-to-learn communication protocol
  • Short lead time
  • Well-trained team
  • Cost-effective complere GUI solution
Tailored display solutions for enterprise manufacturers, engineering companies, design houses...
  • Jump start development time: Deliver rapidly and efficiently with products designed specifically for ease of integration and swift application development
  • 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE: Created for multiple development environments benefiting a range of users from the pro-maker to the most demanding engineer
  • Scales with you: Seamless solutions from low volume to high volume applications without the need to invest in new software development
  • Community built for sharing: Forums, code, documentation from our customers and engineers
  • Human services: Electronics and SW engineers are on stand-by supporting fast implementation
Powertip Intelligent Embedded display is the most cost efficient serial TFT LCD display...
Powertip Intelligent Embedded display is the most cost efficient serial TFT lcd display solution for mass production. It can significantly reduce development time needed to implement colorful touch displays on various industrial equipment. With simple interface, serial UART RS232 interface, users can edit the display graphic user interface (GUI) by Powertip Graphic Editor on their PC first, then simply upload it through USB or U Disk to the display.
  • Easily upgrade to color touch display
  • What You See Is What You Get
  • Intuitive and frequently updated software
  • Fast development and easy to use
  • Communicate by UART Interface
  • High-quality and reliable hardware
  • Open source image database
  • Share Host MCU loading
  • Generate source code for PC and Powertip integrated display
TouchGFX: advanced graphic software framework optimized for STM32 microcontrollers...
 TouchGFX is an advanced graphic SW framework optimized for STM32 microcontrollers. It includes the TouchGFX Designer, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop-based graphic-building PC tool, and the TouchGFX engine, a powerful and optimized graphic core. It is available as a standalone software tool, allowing easy and fast graphic evaluation and proof of concept.
  • Easy creation of multiple screen contents & transitions
  • Customizable widgets for effortless GUI creation
  • Set of ready-to-use graphical skins
  • No restriction to the use of custom graphics
  • Dynamic interactions for the creation of user-friendly application
  • Creation of custom reusable application control
  • TouchGFXDesigner maintains performant C++ code
  • Tool-generated code entirely separated from user code
  • All types of code extensions possible for unique animations as well as system interconnections