ADE Builder Magnus - Module

Pairs Raspberry Pi 4 with a larger-sized LCM; HMI developed by Acorn Development Environment...
Magnus Panel takes advantage of ADE’s low-code approach, and the versatility provided by Raspberry Pi. Magnus Panel offers a path for fast prototyping and a shorter product development cycle time...
  • Pairs Raspberry Pi 4 with a larger-sized LCM of higher resolutions
  • HMI easily developed on Raspberry Pi 4 platform
  • HMI application developed in IOT’s Acorn Development Environment (ADE) can be downloaded on-the-fly via a USB port to Raspberry Pi 4 and communicate with other applications via a “virtual COM port”
  • Ethernet and WiFi / Through a USB dongle, RS-232, RS-485, CANBus or UART are supported
  • Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC UA and MQTT protocols are supported
  • Very suitable for industrial applications
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